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Emma Jane McCue

I was inspired to write this book after a childhood with ponies. The love affair started when I was 5 years old, learning to ride on a (very naughty) Shetland in the village I grew up in back in Surrey - as I recall I seemed to spend more time on the floor than in the saddle! I was very fortunate to have parents that supported this passion that continued into my early 20s (thank you Mum and Dad!). Inspiration for my writing comes from my childhood of growing up in the Surrey Hills, surrounded by horses, ponies and other animals.


I now live in Jersey with my husband Darren and our two children, Oscar and Emilia. I have wanted to write The Hairy Pony's Christmas Party for over 10 years but life seems to fly past and finding time has always been a challenge, so I need to thank Darren for giving me the time and support and for always believing in me - thank you. I finally did it!

I self published my first children's book in October 2021, fulfilling what has been a lifetime dream of writing a children's book. It feels surreal after all these years of dreaming to say I am a Children's Author, and so exciting to have been able to release my first Children's Book this year. 

The picture is me aged 8 on a wonderful pony called Silver Magic, attending a real life “Hairy Pony’s Christmas Party”...

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